Q) Are your skins easy to apply?

A) Yes! All of our skins use a patented "Air release vinyl", for easy installation. For laptop & desktop computers, we recommend our "Wet Application" process. A detailed video of this process can be found here.

Q) Are your skins removeable?

A) Yes, they are! Any leftover residue can be removed with Non-Toxic Adhesive Remover or Glass Cleaner.

Q) Are your skins reusable?

A) No, our skins are not reusable.

Q) Can I make a custom design for my device?

A) We're currently exploring that option, and may offer it in the near future.

Q) My device isn't listed.

A) Contact us! If your model isn't listed, our graphics department can make it for you.

Q) Can I get a discount on multiple orders?

A) Yes, we do offer discounts on multiple purchases, and large orders! Please contact our Wholesale Department.

Q) Can I place my order over the phone?

A) Unfortunately, since we are a web based company, we cannot take orders over the phone.

Q) Where are LidStyles skins made?

A) All of our skins are 100% Made in the USA, in our production facility in Northeastern Ohio.

Q) How long is shipping time?

A) We strive for a 24 order fulfillment time. We ship over 95% of our orders wihin 1 business day.

Q) I messed up the installation, what do I do now?

A) Although applying our skins are easy, everyone makes mistakes. We will replace your skin at no charge, all we ask is that you pay the shipping & handling fee.

Q) Are your skins Gluten-Free?

A) Yes! Are skins are gluten-free, and produced in a factory that does not process nuts.